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Sleep Lavender & Vetiver Relaxing Scented Candle

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Burn away the day’s worries with our Sleep Lavender & Vetiver Relaxing Scented Candle.

Pop on your PJs, strike a match, and let the creamy, floral and aromatic fragrance fill the room. The relaxing scent of lavender, vetiver and sweet vanilla will gently cocoon your senses, helping to decompress your mind and body ready for some serene rest.

Made with 98% ingredients of natural origin, each candle is crafted using 100% natural essential oils, including lavender from Provence and vetiver from Madagascar.

And the good news is, they’re made using 100% vegetal and natural rapeseed wax, sourced from European farmers, as well as cotton wicks. And they come in recyclable* card boxes and glass jars that can be used again and again.

Now, what were you worried about again?

- Creamy, floral and aromatic scent
- Notes of lavender, vetiver and vanilla
- Up to 40 hours total burn time
- Crafted with 100% natural essential oils
- Made from 100% natural rapeseed wax
- 98% ingredients of natural origin
- Certified by The Vegan Society
- Recyclable glass jar and card box*

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Capacity: 180 G


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Capacity: 180 G

How to use

1.On first use, let the candle burn until the entire surface of the wax has melted – usually around three hours.
2.Make sure the wick is always in the centre to avoid tunnelling – you can recentre while the wax is still soft.
3.Once solidified, cut the wick between each use to avoid black smoke when burning. Try to keep it about 5mm above the surface of the wax.
4.To best preserve the fragrance, burn for a maximum of four hours at a time.